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Property Management Services







C.L.O Management specializes in managing and renting single family and multi-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses as well as Home Owners Associations.  It is our pleasure to offer the following services:


Suitable Tenant Placement


  • With continuous advertisement we strive to keep all units fully rented.


  • Each potential tenant will complete an application. We verify income, employment, rental history as well as credit and criminal history.


  • We offer flexible showing times to maximize your potential market.




  • Completed approximately every 90 days inside and out to ensure your property is being well cared for. Every 30 days for HOA's.




  • With our licensed and insured maintenance team/s we can offer quality and immediate attention to the needs of your property.




  • We have a highly automated accounting system that will ensure accuracy with full reporting features.


  • Collections of security deposits and rent upon due dates will be directly deposited into an audited escrow account each month.


  • Each month you will receive a financial statement showing all monies collected and any disbursements that have been made. We can provide various reports to include rental history as well as tax information for your financial advisor.


  • Accounting software/systems to accomodate HOA's regardless of community size.


Collections / Evictions


  • If rents are not paid by the 5th of each month, we begin the processes necessary to collect rents and evict tenants.



Our main objective is to give you the homeowner a piece of mind that your investment is being well cared for. We concentrate on maximizing your income while minimizing your vacancies. But most of all we hope to build a strong relationship with both the tenants as well as the owners!


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